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A good product isn’t everything. To guarantee patients access to the drug or device in a market like the Italian one, what makes the difference is understanding what the payer’s viewpoint is, how much they “feel” they have an unmet clinical need, what are the elements on which to base the decision of granting a specific innovation and, naturally, what language is appropriate to best support the Value Story.

Consolidated relations with national and regional payers allow us to define the successful Pricing Reimbursement and Access (PRA) strategy, reducing the times between formal approval and actual access of the patient to the treatment. We are able to define tailored solutions to meet specific client needs by using primary analysis and research which involve expert payers.

Key activities:

Study of the scenario

Reconstruction of the national and local legislative and regulatory framework

Determining Willingness to pay

Determining Willingness to pay by national payers and assessment of cost-benefit analysis

Market access strategy

Identification of the appropriate strategy to access the Italian market and define the Pricing and Reimbursement strategy

Regional guidelines

Definition of regional guidelines on the use of the drug or device

Value proposition construction

Development of an excellent position and Value Proposition

Price strategy development

Testing and validation of the price and positioning strategy through individual or focus group interviews with payers

Cost Efficiency and Budget Impact models

Drawing up national Cost Efficiency and Budget Impact models to include with the price and reimbursement dossier

Value proposition development

Development of economic analyses which strengthen the Value Proposition (CEA, Cost-Utility)

Monitoring tools

Regional/local analysis and mapping of stakeholders (clinicians and payers)

Access strategy definition

Definition and execution of regional access plans (inclusions in PTOR/PTO, Recommendations of use after HTA assessments)

Regional Dossiers

Production and submission of Regional Value Dossiers

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