We work to provide innovative, accessible and customized solutions, aimed at meeting the needs of “people with” as well as at improving the quality of their everyday life.

Psychological Support

Helaglobe has exclusively developed a platform that allows people with pathology to receive psychological support directly at home

Physical Exercise

Helaglobe pays attention to the need of people with pathology who, after hospital rehabilitation, need to do continuous exercise according on their characteristics

Healthcare Daily Life

Helaglobe works to provide “people with” practical objects that allow you to overcome small obstacles in everyday life

Patient Solutions projects


Helaglobe has developed an exclusive platform that allows people with diseases to receive psychological support directly at their home


MS FIT is the first exergame in the world, designed and developed for people with multiple sclerosis. It allows them to do Adapted Physical Activity, which is necessary for their wellness. A clinical trial (RCT) involving 150 patients and 14 Italian Neurology Centres is currently underway, in cooperation with FISM-AISM (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association).


GeoUpper allows crutches to rest against even surfaces without falling to the floor. Even metal surfaces, like a car, are not a problem for GeoUpper: this handy device keeps crutches in place thanks to the magnets inside it. A simple object for a better daily life.