Patient Access

We offer and implement projects that enable an easier access to health solutions and therapies throughout the product life-cycle, from pre-marketing to the post-patent phase.

Pricing & Value Product Assessment

Stakeholders Mapping

Medical Device Purchasing Process

Organisational Setup

Patient Journey
Real World Evidence

Projects with Payers

Patient Access Courses

MD and Drug Regional Patient Access

Win-Win-Win projects

Patient Access projects


Helaglobe has encouraged the creation of a permanent Roundtable whose members include the Drug policy-makers from various Italian regions. Every year the members of the Roundtable analyse a topic of great interest with the aim of reaching a common approach.


Thanks to the expertise of our team members, Helaglobe can provide training in the major Patient Access themes, tailoring it to the clients’ needs.

Patient journey

For a smooth transition from Market Access to Patient Access it is crucial to understand, design and analyse the real journey that “people with” take through the system. Understanding the real Patient Journey can, therefore, make a big difference in terms of uptake and competitive advantage. In order to retrace such a journey, it will be necessary to identify the physical, logical and emotional constraints.