Serena Giugliano

Junior Consultant

Before graduating in Biomedical Engineering from the University “Federico II” of Naples, Serena worked on her dissertation and completed the university internship programme at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunication in Madrid. She was still a university student, when she started being fascinated by the National Healthcare Service: by its complex structure, by the large number of professionals working for it and by the many technologies and innovations which contribute to its development.

In order to specialise in this field, she earned a Master’s degree in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Management, (3) from “Sole 24 Ore” in Milan. Thanks to this interesting educational experience, she gained access to healthcare consultancy and started working, first, in the Market Access team of a big multinational company and, later, for Helaglobe.

She is used to team-working, adaptable and has strong problem-solving skills. She has got a lot of interests, such as reading, art, ballet and, in the past, volunteering as well.

Why do I work for Helaglobe? 
I have always been fascinated by the Italian Healthcare Service, which is a complex system, full of challenges as well as opportunities. With Helaglobe I share the same desire to really contribute to improving the patients’ quality of life, by taking care of their needs and of the challenges they have to face every day. Being aware that my job can really help improve the National Healthcare Service, and therefore safeguard the patients’ wellness, is to me the strongest motivation which encourages me to work even harder and better.

Three adjectives that best describe me

Adaptable, reliable, open-minded.

Three outstanding personal qualities:

Curiosity, humility, loyalty.

Three must-have qualities for my role:

Flexibility, great enthusiasm and desire to put myself to the test.

Inspirational people:

Giuseppe Moscati, one of the most renowned doctors in Naples in the early 90s, for his humility and dedication to his patients.

Sylvie Guillem, French ballet dancer, for her elegance, self-sacrifice, perseverance and obstinacy, all qualities typical of an extremely demanding discipline such as ballet.

Artemisia Gentileschi, with her powerful personality she managed to break all the rules of her time and spread her own view of art, love and life.

My professional goal:

I would like to strengthen my skills with a professional career based on constant growth and development.

My personal ambition:

I would like to attend a French Pastry course and go on a huge tour to the United States and Australia.

Inspiring quote: Never give up!

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