Stefania Lopatriello

Director & Partner

Stefania liked studying so much that she attended the Scientific High School in only 4 years
, sitting the school leaving examination a year earlier and in all subjects, although those compulsory at that time were only 2, because she was curious about the “big city” and looking forward to doing great things!

After moving from Basilicata to Padua at 18 years old for study purposes, she graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at 25 years old and then specialized with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in Hospital Pharmacy

She was awarded her first scholarship by Dr. Martini because when he asked her “Would you fund Di Bella treatment?”, she replied “If it gave evidence of a clinically important response, I would”, thus showing her keen edge as public payer. 

She entered the consulting industry as far back as 2000 and, in the last few years, she has worked for small as well as big, national as well as international groups, progressing over time from being a Junior Consultant towards assuming the role of Associate Director. 

Since then she has never stopped working in the consulting industry, thanks to the mental freedom it offers.

Her working method led her to work for Veneto Region as secretary of the Medical Device Assessment Board for three years. When this experience ended, she started to work as freelance consultant as well as national and international consulting group representative. Moreover, she specializes in the GRADE-Cochrane method (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation). 

She is author of 36 publications and several congress posters. From 2005 to 2013 she worked in collaboration with the University of Padua as professor of the Course “Marketing and Business Communication” in the fifth year of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

She particularly likes working with medical devices, since it means fewer system regulations, more value to create and a countless number of products. 

She loves foreign languages (she can think in English, read German and is learning Russian from her children), good food (she enjoys both preparing and eating it!) and spending time with her family and long-standing friends. 

She lives with her husband Enrico and little by little new children are entering her family. 

Why do I work for Helaglobe?

First of all I saw the “person” Davide Cafiero: immediately we found out that we shared the common goal to do practical, genuine and high-value things, at the service of people (companies, patients or institutions); we also shared ease of communication and workplace harmony, while recognizing the diversity of our roles and competences. Afterwards, I saw “the company” Helaglobe” with its values and I realized that it represented myself as a person, not only as a worker. Therefore, I have decided to become a partner in this company.

Three adjectives that best describe me: Analytical, reflective, curios.

Three outstanding personal qualities: Selective, transparent, intelligent (“faculty of seeing into the inner nature of things”).

Three must-have qualities for my role: analysis and synthesis skills and love for study.

Inspirational people:

Jo March the main character of “Little Women”: independent, intelligent, passionate, unique!

My daughter Vika who, at 10 years old, has already and serenely realized that she has three mums and “that she is happy for every single day”.

My professional goals:

to design quality projects capable of leaving a loyal, useful and pleasant memory with the people (clients included) I work for.

My personal ambitions:

to continue to be a foster mother for as many children as possible.

Inspiring quote:

It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, what is essential is invisible to the eyes”. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

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