Davide Cafiero

Managing Director

Davide likes giving form to things. Pieces of wood to turn into furnishing objects, ingredients to invent an unconventional dish, people and resources to combine into startups, no matter what or who. The important thing is the challenge itself. Observing scattered elements and being able to “foresee” the final outcome as well as how to achieve it.

He has a degree in Economics and has specialized with a full-time MBA.

He has 20 years of experience in different industries such as FMCG, Marketing&Communication, Leiseure and Lifescience. He has always been involved in development and innovation, holding increasingly complex positions until being in overall charge of the management of a company. 

One of his strengths is the ability to combine heterogeneous resources and expertise into a mutual project. 

After working for 10 years in the Patient & Market Access division of multinational pharmaceutical companies, in 2013 he decides to found HELAGLOBE with a clear objective: improve the life of “people with” diseases, by means of activities and projects that make it possible to balance the interests of all those involved (people with diseases, institutions, patient associations, private companies).

Neapolitan, he lives in Florence with Cristina and their 3 wonderful children. 

Besides his love for reading and going to the cinema, he has developed a real, deep, intense passion for cheese.

Why do I work for Helaglobe?

I decided to found HELAGLOBE in order to really contribute to improving the life of ‘people with’ (which is how I like to define people who suffer from a certain disease). In my opinion, “to innovate” doesn’t mean “to make an amazing discovery” but, rather, “to use the available means in a different way”, so as to meet the needs of people with diseases, bearing in mind that such needs are essential to their daily file, however unimportant they may seem to us.

Three adjectives that best describe me:

Creative, resilient, competent.

Three outstanding personal qualities:

Curiosity, initiative, trustworthiness.

Three must-have qualities for my role:

Empathy, patience, courage

Inspirational people:

Marie Curie, for her tenacity in carrying on with her research despite the adverse social conventions.

Massimo Troisi, for his ability to tone things down with poetic spontaneity.

And the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, for his creativity as well as his tenacity in pursuing his objective.

My professional goals:

to build up HELAGLOBE as a company of people who work to accomplish a common goal, respecting each other and enjoying what they do.

My personal ambitions:

to attend, sooner or later, an haute cuisine course and open a restaurant with just one dining table to serve customers only at weekends.

Inspiring quote:

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” (Oscar Wilde

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